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The Story of the Mexican Railroad

Thursday, 2 October 2003 - More than a 100 years ago the Mexican railroad system was built to serve export. At the Eurescom 2003 conference in Heidelberg (Germany) Infocities Office showed parallels in the development of broadband.

How is broadband legitimised? What are the popular applications? How does the market work? Does broadband introduce or solve the "digital divide"? What is the role of government? Which legal issues are there when a government provides dark fibre? How about the EU role in providing structural funding? Is the regulation complete and consistent? What does it presuppose? Is broadband going to be another Mexican railroad? Or are there solutions?

Eurescom is the leading organisation for collaborative R&D in telecommunications. They provide efficient management of research projects and programmes for member companies and other clients.

Link to the conference: Click here to follow the Web link
Link to Eurescom: Click here to follow the Web link

Infocities Office's presentation is available through the Web link below.

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Need Adobe Reader Attached:  Paper about the "Mexican Railroad" (255 kB)

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