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Dordrecht to lead European project on "trust and security"

Friday, 2 April 2004 - The City of Dordrecht plans to issue a proposal under the European eTEN program. The main subject is "trust and security", but the proposal will run in the eGovernment/eAdministration environment.

The eTEN proposal will be about market validation and initial deployment on the subject of Trans-European Advanced Interactive Digital Administration (TEN-AIDA). Overcoming cultural, regional, technical and administrative barriers are the key task for eTEN bidders. The plan is to upscale proven local and regional successes into a larger transeuropean layer, of which other local organisations could benefit later. In TEN-AIDA there is room for successful PKI implementations, but also for administration-citizen and administration-business transaction systems that may generate lessons for PKI. PKI in Europe has to deal with a chicken-egg problem, and TEN-AIDA will help in either hatching a chicken or laying an egg. On 9 June 2004 the eTEN call 2004/1 will close.

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